Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mom Turns Diamond...

Diamonds are prized for their beauty, durability, purity, strength, and sparkle (refraction). My Mom turns diamond today. But she was born with all of a diamond’s qualities and more... A textbook Indian mother, who can out-cook Top Chefs, out-pray monks, out-sacrifice martyrs, out-love God!  

Her culinary skill is of the level of legends! All through our childhood, we’ve always had people over for lunch and dinner. Usually, Dad’s colleagues who would drop in, feigning work and go home well fed J And she LOVES to cook. She can cook a lip smacking five-course meal in less than an hour. I have NEVER tasted better food (and I’ve been around quite a bit…).

Marriage to Dad, a man quite her contrast in personality, was the turning point in her life. Mom led a sheltered life before marriage. Dad was in Military Engineering Services, and would be posted to varied locations every now and then. It was Mom who took the decision to stay put in Kochi so that our studies weren’t affected. She was the one who would teach us and guide our homework and projects. To Dad, she is his pillar of strength. To us, she is so much more… She is our Mummy!

People, who meet her, like her in an instant. I think it’s her ability to empathize, her giving personality, her down to earth demeanor, her eagerness to delight, and did I mention – her culinary talent, that draw people to her. Never greedy, never jealous, never to lose her temper or composure (except the one time I came back home with a cut eyelid when I was eight…) she always had a calming influence on us (though it isn't that evident in me and my big sis). 

I guess when it comes to mothers, superlatives start to fail us. Nobody else could have turned me from a stammering boy to someone who has taken up public speaking for a living! She has THAT much love J Today, all I seem to be doing is thinking of her now, thousands of miles away, misty-eyed…

So, Ma, please accept this wish for A Very Happy 60th Birthday from Dada, Chechi, Kochu, Paulson, Anoop, Rohini, Leeona, Rianne, and me.

You are the answer to our prayers.

I wish that, like you, even I always have kind word to say, a fond memory of everybody, a tear for a sad story, a wet eye for a good joke, a smile for everyone… I wish I had your resilience and strength of character. I wish people would point at me and say, “There is a genuine nice guy”. (Who can cook like a boss!)