Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is being pro-India anti national?

This seems to never end! Read it here:

To summarise, the left parties in India don't want anything to do with US. No! No arguments! We don't want power (the bijli variety), we don't want military exercises, nothing! Let's look at some arguments put forward by the involved parties:

At this point, I would like to clarify that I have no allegiance to any political school of thought. I am a common Indian citizen and a patriot who is distraught at the situation around me.

What they do want, is maybe to live in a fool's paradise of a communist state. And history has shown us again and again and yet again what happens to a communist state in a not-so-ideal world. Russia is an excellent example of this. China, had a rude awakening and is now embracing globalization. Cuba, well, will remain Cuba! Perhaps, they would like to add India to the list of countries in this list:

I, not for a moment would like to say that communism is bad on paper. And according to me, that is where it should remain! All this commotion about blindly opposing the nuclear deal between India and US should be called treason.

I would like all the protesters to please answer the folowing questions:
1. Are you Indians above being Communists?
2. Do you want India to be self-reliant in terms of power?
3. Would you like to live in a country with a strong military?
4. Do you want people around you to have jobs that can help them support their families?
5. Would you like to see India as one of the top three nations in the world in terms of its economy?

If they have answered 'yes' to these questions, why the commotion? Or is their political agenda higher than the nation's welfare? If so, arrest them for treason! Let the rest of us realise our dreams of living in a prosperous India during our lifetime.



Chandu said...

Well... somewhere in their minds, I am sure they are convinced answering yes to those questions means saying not to the nuclear deal.
Me on the other hand am not so patriotic. I know that there is nuclear energy in the world. If it does not come to me when I need it real bad, I will go to it. I will also feel sorry for my communist brethern who shake their heads and blame the brain drain for lack of progress and absence of indigeneous nuclear power.
That notwithstanding, I will keep walking!

ajeeth said...

Let me first start by commenting on the deep thoughts penned . I am finally proud of you that knowing you to be you have had the time and patience to pen that excellent piece of litreary work . Kudoos and a standing ovation to you my friend .
And on the issue at hand i can only say that presently we are a nation being pulled to all different directions by the whims and fancies of every political maharaja/maharani (to be politically correct)
i say lets develop our own nuclear fuels , lets build more power plants , lets build our fighter jets and weapons of mass destruction lets be ready to defend our nation . And anyone who steps on our soveringnity as a nation lets give a fitting reply .
Saw this clip on the news the otherday of china making inroads to our teritory . What are we doing ?? we have terrorrists in J&K asking for ceasfire during ramzan , and our political leaders mulling over and giving it . We are making our selves weak and open to attacks . lets Strenghten ourselves And keeping WALKING with our heads held high
----> Ajeeth

ajeeth said...

FIRST of all let me say that good work boy , excellent prose , grammar and sentences , second let me curse for not recogonising my name and saying that only chandu reads u r column.
For the meenakshi's in the world i have only message , get on with life . If somebody is really bothering and taunting you then i see a reason for some hue and cry , but otherwise lady all u need to do is keep walking .