Monday, January 14, 2008

A walk on the other side…

I turned 30 on January 12. I thought it would be a monumental event in my life, not quite. But I still wonder – What is the big deal of having 30 candles on your cake?

(A good thing about turning 30 is that people start buying your philosophical bullcrap! Your musings are considered ‘mature’ opinions. And the worst – people consider you a man of years… Be cautioned if you want to read on.)

To be honest, I have not seed 30 candles on my cake… There was no cake at all :p But I will still consider myself a 30-year old. And do I feel any different? Hell no! I still love the same kind of music, I would still watch the same kind of movies, and I still care about the same people… So what is the big deal? I say – It is the wisdom!

Factually, I am 100% wise (proof – I have all four of my wisdom teeth). There are some who claim otherwise. But since this is MY blog and added to that I am writing about MY birthday, I will not entertain that group!

Coming back to MY wisdom of 30 years – Your only assets is life are the love of your dear ones! In the darkest of your days, they will shine on you and comfort you.

My neighbor from my hostel days – ABC (no, he doesn’t wish to be anonymous… that’s his name – A B Chandrasekhar) and his wife, Ruby Chandrasekhar, took me to my favorite hang-out and bought me drinks! I was flooded with calls from my friends after the dreaded hour, and that too, cheered me up :) I would’ve loved if I was with my wife, but well, you can’t always control things.

Then on the big day, I met my niece, sister, and brother-in-law. Later some of my old college buddies – Vishal and Prakash were in town, and along with Sony, Nitin, Maninder, Chandu, and his wife we spent some quality time reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ and narrating some of my much sought-after PJs. 500 miles away, my wife was comforted by friends. They were enjoying a live band and though she wished to be with me, there was good company at hand. (But nothing could compare with my PJs, right honey :) ?)

This in addition to my family, with their unconditional love.

So, boys and girls, keep your family and friends close. Because, like I realized when I matured, on your birthday, don’t count the candles, but your loved ones.

P.S.: The average life expectancy for an Indian Male is ~64 years. So, only those of you who want to shorten your's can call me middle aged... humph!


Rohan said...

They took away all of my wisdom teeth, in one day. :'(


Sue said...

wow .....30 eh ?
and here I am freaking out about turning 23 in a few weeks lol....

belated happy birthday :)

Did you ever have one those lists called 'THINGS TO DO BEFORE I TURN 30'...I have one but I am not sure how realistic it is.. :S

The Walker said...

Well well, now I can justify calling you a kid! I wish you a great run-in to your birthday!

Thanks (kid)!

I shall make one of those for when I'm 40, I guess. I tried once when I turned 30, but I guess I was being a realist and I've done most of it. I need to go a bit overboard for 40 I guess... Well, I suggest you keep it a little 'surreal' if I may. Makes it more exciting!