Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekends and a week :)

Hey readers! I'm off home this weekend and will be with my family the whole of next week! It seems weird that somehow I don't find time to blog when I'm home... I had a month-long break in December too, when I was home and not a single post!

Now, don't get me wrong here, It's not what you think... It's just that it's so much easier for me to switch off when I'm here in Mumbai. Back home, I always have something or the other on my mind. And I have my favorite place to sit by the window and then, sloth overwhelms me. Moreover, when I'm home, I'd rather be good and save the missus some trouble and do some cooking, right? Wrong! She is mortified of the idea that I might be cooking at home. The kitchen, in her own words, "Looks like a war-zone"!

But This time, I have a few tricks up my sleeve, thanks to EuphoRHEA (You'll find the link to her blog on the right). So, even if it means I cook for 10 mins and clean for an hour, I'm 'all in'.

This time, I'll try and see if I can update you on my culinary skills. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

BTW, someone please tell Chandu that I'm bad-mouthing him because he's not reading my blogs anymore. I just have 2 regular readers ;) and without him, I'm cut down to 50%...


Sue said...

Yaaay! You are finally linked...

You have yourself a super time at home while one of your 'regular readers' waits for the next post..


The Walker said...

Thanks Sue. At-least I have 50% of my readers waiting for the next post :)

ajeeth said...

i hope u didnt cook walker having personal accquiantaince with u r cooking skills , i am sure it is a better idea that u r wifey does it .