Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October 31, every year…

It’s Kochu’s birthday!

I really wonder how people describe that the most wonderful day was when their brother/sister was born (usually a year or two younger)… It surprises me, because, that age you can’t even remember when and where to poop! To be honest, I don’t remember how Kochu looked as an infant; I was having trouble remembering my ABCs then… I guess.

Kochu was an extremely hassle-free child. She was God’s way of apologizing to my parents for giving me to them! My first memories of her were when she was probably a year old and Mummy said that I was not old enough to carry her. So, my first challenge in life was to be old enough to carry Kochu around and I still am trying! Chechi (my elder sis), and I, were about a year and change apart and we used to bring the house down with our fights. I can hardly remember an instance when we had fights with Kochu. In retrospect, she seemed like a re-incarnation of the Buddha!

Kochu proved to be a star at school too! She excelled in everything she tried – studies, sports, co-curricular… just like Chechi! And Kochu was (and still is) an extremely gifted singer. But unlike Chechi, she did not need to work hard and late. It came naturally to her. Actually, everything she does, is with a natural panache. I am yet to meet someone who has not loved her. So, it was no surprise that the only other person who could rival her, became her husband! Kochu is Dad’s pride, Moms joy, and Chechi’s best friend… My wife thinks she is the sweetest thing on Earth. As for me, she will always be my kid sister, who thinks she’s the elder one. We have a unique relationship and it always brings a smile on my face whenever I think of her. There's an old, black and white photograph of the three of us. I will always remember Kochu as she was then. Innocent, beautiful, precious…

So today, I leave my usual cynical self aside, and I pray. I pray that each of you have a Kochu in your lives to love and be loved. I pray that all her wishes for the rest of her life come true. Most of all, I pray that she always remain the Kochu we all love so very much! Happy Birthday sweetheart… and yes… mmuaaah!


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I liked this write-up pretty much..
infact, anyone who wud long for havin a younger sis to show care n affection wud like this one.

Keep posting!