Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My India, my media…

I suffer from a rare disorder… A need for constant amusement! And nothing satiates this more than our mainstream media.

At a time when UP and Bhiari bhaiyyas were being beaten up in Mumbai, I surfed some news channels to see what was up and well, there was an unexpected breaking news! Sanjay Dutt was spotted in Goa with Maanyata. Hmmm… (Change channels) “Kareena Kapoor was seen sporting a new ring” Well… (Change Channels) “Govinda unapologetic about his slapping incident” I had it! What is with our media? And their fixation with Bollywood?

But the one that takes the cake is: “Amitabh Bachan ko thand lagi” meaning, “Amitabh Bachan felt cold”!

(Someone at work clicked this pic and thanks to Ayan for sending it to me. BTW, Ayan is a gifted cartoonist himself.)

Is it a lack of stories or are Indians only bothered about the stars and starlets of Bollywood? What about the people? What about issues that need public opinion and support?

I would like our channels to cover this story (or something like it) for once.
But I doubt that it will serve the purpose of amusement that discerning connoisseurs (like me) would appreciate.

However, I will not be surprised if this one gets covered. (I loved this one too by the way... Especially the defense that "All the time I worked for the airline, my moustache attracted many adoring eyes inside the plane and on the ground." Way to go buddy!

P.S.: If you own the copyright to the pic, please let me know so that I can acknowledge you.


Ayan Chakraborty said...

This post, I feel, is the outcome of a rather fraustrated Indian. An Indian, who is not only jealous of the Bollywood stars getting their fair share of media coverage, but has actually missed the seriousness of the message visible in the TV-footage.

With whatever kaam-chalaau Hindi knowledge I've, “Amitabh Bachan ko thand lagi” doesnot mean he felt cold. He had actually caught a cold. You're so desperate to spit venom against the great Indian media that you have actually missed the fact that Amitabh Bachchan caught cold; something which should be of great concern to us Indians!

The Walker said...

My humblest apologies Ayan. Yes, I am an 'extremely' frustrated Indian and especially pissed with the media.

BTW, I can tell you for a fact that “Amitabh Bachan ko thand lagi” means exactly what was said in the post. If he caught a cold, it would have been “Amitabh Bachan ko Zukaam Hua”

I empathise with your concern for Amitabh Bachan. But there is a higher God in Indian cinema - Mithunda!

Ayan Chakraborty said...

There is a lesson for me in it - kaam-chalaau Hindi is not going to be enough!

But one thing for sure...will be eagerly waiting for some 'great' media coverage when Mithunda catches a cold (I guess he hasn't till date, or the bloody media didn't cover it when he did in the past. Poor chap!...)

The Walker said...

Ayan... Ayan... Mithunda will catch a cold only when He decides to. Do you think a 'lowly' virus can challenge the God of celluloid? Diseases, accidents etc. are for mere mortals. Mithunda is above all that!