Thursday, February 7, 2008

A brave new world...

The Indian government has taken a huge step today. The legal age for marriage has been lowered to 18 years! And the age for sexual consent for girls has been increased to 16 years…

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that we had earlier proposed a minimum IQ level for men/women (oops… boys and girls now) to qualify for marriage. That either did not catch the eye of anyone in the panel or they would themselves score less than 80?

Being the socially active blog that this is, here are my two bits for the lawmakers to decide whom to let marry. (Considering the (mental) age of the audience, I would suggest a questionnaire with multiple choices.) This questionnaire is for boys (got it right this time) only.


1) Why do you want to get married?
a. To be a better man (like Sohail Khan in Aryan)
b. I am in love (Like all my heroes)
c. I am exercising my right to marry.
d. She wants to.

2) Whom do you want to marry?
a. My classmate.
b. My neighbor.
c. Hmmm…
d. Her.

3) Do you know her complete name? (Click here if it is a he.)
a. I call her Jaanu. That is enough for me.
b. I know her nickname.
c. Hmmm…
d. I’ll ask her.

4) Is the girl willing to marry you?
a. Is that necessary?
b. I have to ask her…
c. If no, what are my options?
d. That’s what she said.

5) Do your parents know about this?
a. I’ll surprise them!
b. They said no and that’s why I’m here.
c. They will never come to know (hee hee)
d. Whatever she says.

6) What do you do for a living?
a. Attend college
b. Social commentator (a politically correct name for a roadside romeo)
c. Eh?
d. Whatever she asks me to.

7) Would you be willing to work?
a. Why?
b. Work?
c. Hmmm…
d. If she is okay with it.

8) Do you plan to have children?
a. Yes.
b. How?
c. Why do you think I’m here?
d. I’ll have to ask her

9) Will you consider family planning?
a. I am planning a family already…
b. I am planning to tell my family…
c. Eh?
d. I’ll ask her what it means.

10) Have you heard of ‘contraceptives’? (I wish your parents had!)
a. 5 years ago!
b. Used it too.
c. Eh?
d. She will know.

No matter what the candidate answers, he still has the right to marry. That is the beauty of our great land! A land where juveniles have a license to marry and procreate. A future filled with jobless fathers and clueless mothers. An initiative to beat China at-least in population by 2015?

Or is it just another cruel joke that our lawmakers are playing on us? Well, it’s business as usual then!


Jepani said...

U r getting into the uncanny habit of hitting the target too often!
Superb write-up. Three Cheers for the superbly written questionnaire.
And most-importantly, being correct (and pointing that out) about our dismal state of affairs.
Keep blogging, keep walkin!

Pretty Hyperbole said...

Holy crap. I didn't know that was in legislative process. How embarrassing...

Sue said...

rolling on the floor right about now

sorry I have been away for a bit... you are hilarious as usual...good one!

I'd love see the results of that survey so keep me posted :)